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Collaborate with us to develop this list of contacts and collection of resources. Together we can create a dynamite resource for people interested in secondary school writing centers.

Contact Information
Directory of Secondary School Writing Centers (add your writing center contact information)
Chicagoland Organization of Writing, Literacy, and Learning Centers

Online Discussion Group
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SSWC is a mailing list for secondary school writing center directors. To subscribe to SSWC-L send an email to LISTSERV@LISTS.PSU.EDU with "subscribe SSWC-L your name" in the body of the message.

Social Network
Visit High School/Middle School Writing Centers at: http://writingcenters.ning.com

Links to Resources
International Writing Centers Association (link to the organization's main website)
Writing Lab Newsletter
Collection of Secondary Resources (compiled by Rich Kent)
Bibliography of Secondary Sources
Niles West Literacy Center
Praxis Online Journal for Writing Centers

Tutor/Staff Training Materials
Interactive Video from University of Wisconsin--Madison (This video is a guided examination of tutoring techniques. It shows a conference and stops in certain spots to pose questions to the viewer. Brad Hughes shared it at the SI '08.) Posted by Jenny Jordan.
GBN Writing Center Tutor Education Page
Columbus State Teacher Interviews
Niles West Literacy Center Training Manualfa

Other Writing Resources We've Found Helpful
Grammar Girl